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Covering versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

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Tutorials and templates


Page templates

You can find them in your prototype folder, in /docs/views/templates

Copy and paste the pages you need to your /app/views folder to make your prototypes.

Your prototype folder also contains the following page templates:

You cannot adjust the design of these pages, but you can use them to help you prototype realistic journeys connecting your service with GOV.UK content.

Check the guidance for mainstream guides in the Content design: planning, writing and managing content manual.

Read the Help users start using a service guidance and the Step by step navigation guidance to learn how to make these pages live for your service.

When not to use step by step navigation

Remember that step by step navigation is not for use within transactional services. We have included it in the Prototype Kit only so you can prototype your journeys. Unlike most other components and patterns in the Design System, we do not provide the code for step by step navigation in `govuk-frontend`.

GOV.UK Design System

GOV.UK Design System is a guide to making your prototype look like a GOV.UK service, including typography, forms and more.