Create a prototype for new users Prototype Kit requirements (Windows)

You'll usually need admin access to your machine to install the software.

If you do not have admin access, ask your IT team to install the software for you.

GDS staff can install the software themselves with the Self Service app.


This guide will use Git Bash as a terminal (for entering commands) instead of the existing Command Prompt application. Git Bash has more features and uses the same commands as Mac and Linux.

You'll need to use the terminal application to install, start and stop the kit. Using a terminal is sometimes called ‘using the command line’.

Installing Git Bash

Download Git Bash (direct download).

When you install, on the screen titled Choosing the default editor used by Git select Use Nano editor by default (you may need to scroll the options to see it).

On all other screens, continue with the default options.

To paste in Git Bash, you can either:

  • use the insert key
  • turn on Quick Edit Mode to use the paste command (ctrl and v) - right click, then select Properties, Options and Quick Edit Mode

Code editor

These two code editors are popular, well established and fairly accessible:

VS Code keyboard shortcuts
  • ctrl and s = save your changes
  • ctrl and p = search for a file in your project
  • ctrl and f = search for something in your file

Find out more about how to use VS Code