Create a prototype for new users Install Node.js (Windows)

The kit is designed to work with Node.js version 20 and above.

Check if you have Node.js

In the terminal, enter:

node --version

If it says command not found or Error 0x2 starting node.exe --version you do not have Node and will need to download and install it.

If the version number starts with 20 you have the correct version installed.

If it starts with a number lower than 20, you need to download and install version 20.

Download and install Node.js

Download version 20 from the Node.js website.

Run the installer with all default options.

Once Node is installed

You’ll need to quit and restart Git Bash to be able to use Node for the first time.

To check it is installed correctly you can again run:

node --version

If it’s installed correctly it should show a number starting with 20.