Store your code online with GitHub and GitHub Desktop

GitHub is a way to store code online so you can collaborate with others. It also makes it easier to publish your prototype online using a hosting service.

Some concepts:

  • Git - software that stores versions of your code
  • GitHub - a website that shares your code online
  • GitHub Desktop - an app that puts your code on GitHub (so that you can collaborate with others in your team)
  • Repository/repo - a project stored in Git

Set up GitHub Desktop

  1. Create a free GitHub account.

  2. Download the GitHub Desktop app.

  3. Run GitHub Desktop.

  4. Sign in with your GitHub account details.

Using GitHub Desktop

Use GitHub Desktop to work with repositories.

A repository contains all of the files in a prototype. You can use the repository to view the file history and work on your prototype with others.

You can now:

Find out more about how to use GitHub Desktop