Store data in session

When a user answers questions in your prototype, their answers are stored in session data.

To clear session data you can either:

  • use the 'Clear data' link in the footer
  • use incognito mode or private browsing for each user and close that window when they're done

How to use

Create a route function in your app/routes.js file and refer to req.session.

Accessing fields from the session

For example, when submitting the following (simplified) HTML:

<input name="first-name" value="Sarah">
<input name="last-name" value="Philips">

You'll have a object in your route function:

    'first-name': 'Sarah',
    'last-name': 'Philips'

These 2 field values can be accessed in JavaScript as:['first-name']['last-name']

Or in views as:

{{ data['first-name'] }}
{{ data['last-name'] }}

Accessing nested fields from the session

Session data can also be nested for easy grouping. For example answers from multiple family members:

<input name="claimant[first-name]" value="Sarah">
<input name="claimant[last-name]" value="Philips">

<input name="partner[first-name]" value="Michael">
<input name="partner[last-name]" value="Philips">

You'll have a nested object in your route function:

    claimant: {
        'first-name': 'Sarah',
        'last-name': 'Philips'
    partner: {
        'first-name': 'Michael',
        'last-name': 'Philips'

These 4 field values can be accessed in your route function as:['claimant']['first-name']['claimant']['last-name']['partner']['first-name']['partner']['last-name']

Or in views as:

{{ data['claimant']['first-name'] }}
{{ data['claimant']['last-name'] }}
{{ data['partner']['first-name'] }}
{{ data['partner']['last-name'] }}