Migrate an existing prototype to version 13 with the migration script

  1. Install Node.js version 18.

  2. In the terminal, delete the folder node_modules (doing this first will make the backup quicker).

  3. Make a backup of your prototype folder. You can do this in Finder or Windows Explorer.

  4. In the terminal, cd to your prototype folder.

  5. Run this command:

npx govuk-prototype-kit@13 migrate

  1. If some migration steps fail, the script will report these.

If this is the case, contact the GOV.UK Prototype team.

If your prototype does not work

If your prototype does not work, compare the new package.json file to the package.json file in the backup you made in step 3.

Run npm install PACKAGE-NAME for each package that's missing in the new file.

Contact the contact the GOV.UK Prototype team if you need help doing this.