Build a basic prototype using the Prototype Kit

This tutorial shows you how to prototype a fictional 'Apply for a juggling licence' service that will:

  • ask 2 questions
  • show the user's answers for them to check
  • show a confirmation page

It will take about an hour to finish this tutorial, after you install the Prototype Kit.

Our prototype will look a bit like this:

The first page has the title 'Start page' with the button 'Start now'. This is linked to a second page with the title 'Question 1' and a 'Continue' button. This forks to 2 different pages. 1 is titled 'Ineligible'. 2 is titled Question 2. Question 2 is linked to a page titled 'Check answers'. This links to page 6, titled 'Complete'.

Diagram of 6 pages connected together.