Create a prototype for new users Prototype Kit requirements (Mac)

You'll usually need admin access to your machine to install the software.

If you do not have admin access, ask your IT team to install the software for you.

GDS staff can install the software themselves with the Self Service app.


Macs come with a terminal application.

You'll need to use the terminal to create, start and stop prototypes. Using a terminal is sometimes called ‘using the command line’.

To run the Terminal press the command and space keys together, then type 'terminal'.

Code editor

You'll need a code editor to make changes to your prototype. VS Code is a well established and fairly accessible code editor.

Download VS Code

VS Code keyboard shortcuts
  • command and s = save your changes
  • command and p = search for a file in your project
  • command and f = search for something in your file

Find out more about how to use VS Code