How to use layouts

Layouts let you share a common design across pages. For example, to include the name of your service or use the GOV.UK footer on every page in your service.

If your pages share a custom header and footer, you can add them to one shared layout file. To change those parts of the page in future, you can change them once and they will update on all the pages that use that layout.

To make a page use a layout, you need to add an extends line at the top of the file. For example if you want to extend a layout called admin, use:

{% extends "layouts/admin.html" %}

The Prototype Kit comes with a layout file for you to edit. You can also add more layouts if you need to.

Adding layouts

In your code editor, open app/views/layouts/main.html.

Note the line:

{% extends "govuk-prototype-kit/layouts/govuk-branded.html" %}

It means this layout extends a standard layout that comes with the Prototype Kit. It loads the default code needed for GOV.UK branded pages, along with the functionality in the kit, such as automatically storing data.

You can make changes to existing blocks and define your own blocks in your layout.

Unbranded pages

If you do not want to use the GOV.UK logo or footer, you can choose to use unbranded pages in your prototype. Go to Manage your prototype and create a page with the Unbranded page template.

Using blocks

Blocks are how layouts and pages share code. For example, there is a block called header for the header content on every page.

These are some of the default blocks on the template page on the GOV.UK Design System.

Header block

You can make changes to the existing GOV.UK header using the header block. This example adds navigation:

{% block header %}
{{ govukHeader({
  homepageUrl: "#",
  serviceName: "Service name",
  serviceUrl: "#",
  navigation: [
      href: "#1",
      text: "Navigation item 1",
      active: true
      href: "#2",
      text: "Navigation item 2"
      href: "#3",
      text: "Navigation item 3"
}) }}
{% endblock %}

Read more about headers in the GOV.UK Design System.

You can make changes to the existing GOV.UK footer using the footer block:

{% block footer %}
 {{ govukFooter({
   meta: {
     items: [
         href: "/privacy",
         text: "Privacy policy"
         href: "/manage-prototype",
         text: "Manage your prototype"
         href: "/manage-prototype/clear-data",
         text: "Clear data"
     visuallyHiddenTitle: "Footer links"
 }) }}
{% endblock %}

Read more about footers in the GOV.UK Design System.

Stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript

You can use custom layouts to load your own stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript on multiple pages. Find out more about adding CSS and JavaScript.