Create pages from templates

The Prototype Kit comes with templates to create common page types.

To use them:

  1. In the terminal start your prototype.

  2. In your browser go to the Templates section of Manage your prototype (http://localhost:3000/manage-prototype/templates).

From these templates you can create a:

  • GOV.UK page
  • Unbranded page
  • Question page
  • Content page
  • Task list
  • Check your answers
  • Confirmation page

The Prototype Kit also has GOV.UK publishing templates for:

  • Mainstream guide
  • Start page
  • Step by step navigation
  • Start page with step by step

You cannot alter the design of the GOV.UK publishing templates. They are to help you prototype realistic journeys connecting your service with the GOV.UK website.

Read the guidance for mainstream guides in Content design: planning, writing and managing content.

Read the Start using a service guidance and the step by step navigation guidance to learn how to make these pages live for your service.

Using step by step navigation

Step by step navigation is for a page outside your transactional service. It’s in the Prototype Kit so you can prototype your journeys for testing. Step by step is available as a plugin.

This has changed in version 13, if you are using a previous version, see the old documentation