GOV.UK Prototype Kit

Quickly make interactive, accessible and realistic prototypes of GOV.UK services.

Use prototypes to get valuable feedback and insights from user research or the people you work with.

Who the kit is for

The kit is used by teams across government. Anyone can use the kit, including:

  • content, interaction and service designers
  • developers
  • user researchers
  • product owners

Save time with templates and components

The kit comes with templates to create common page types.

You can also copy example code from the GOV.UK Design System to add styles, components and patterns into your prototype. This means you can:

  • create prototypes quickly and easily
  • learn from the research and experience of other service teams
  • avoid repeating work that's already been done
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What’s new in version 13

Lots of big changes including new ways to create, run and manage your prototypes.